I am from Kosovo, my name is Senadin and I have been living in the province of Siena since 2017. Before that, for two years I used to come to Italy only for short periods.

The border guards did not let me get on the boat because I did not have enough money. I tried again the day after, helped by someone I knew, and I managed to get on board. On 5 December I arrived in Bari and from there I went to Naples.

My name is Fabian and I am Albanian. As soon as I turned 14, I decided to leave my country

My name is Badreddin and I am from Sudan. I have been in Italy for 9 months.

My name is Abdiwali, I am 18, I am from Somalia and I love cars. I used to live in a small village and there were not as many cars as in a big city. Since I could barely see one, I really got into cars.

My name is Ruhul and I am from Bangladesh. I love trees because they provide us with oxygen and food.

My name is Nour, I am 18 and I come from El Faoyum. I love cats, playing and being on my own. I went on a very long journey before arriving here.

My name is Walid. I was born in Egypt and I grew up there but then I left.

“Rainbow Bridge”, a documentary about LGBTIQ migrants in Malta, by the MGRM - (Malta LGBTIQ Rights Movement)

When I first came to Malta, I didn't know anybody and it took me a long time to get to know people and make some friends, and to get used to the Maltese culture.

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