ODISSEU presents a game in the form of interacting storytelling experience for secondary students. The game follows a young person’s journey from oppression in their home country to exile in a country of asylum. The story aims to increase understanding and raises awareness of refugee issues amongst secondary school students while developing life skills.

Users can see the refugees’ journey from the moment they leave their country of origin until the moment they arrive in the host country, where they will apply for asylum. At certain points in each story, different options are given to the user to choose. These options determine the evolution of the storyline later on. The use of interactive storytelling can reinforce the feeling of empathy in young students, through the experience of starting the journey, the journey itself, overcoming the obstacles they encounter, and the stress refugees experience daily.

The project provides three scenarios in the form of interactive storytelling. Meet our characters:

Mobile Application

The ODISSEU App is available on both Apple Store and Google Play.

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