I remember playing with my childhood mates in the swampy area of the village, we gathered to play games, even play football, city life eluded us and it was a distant dream for all of us. We were so young and innocent from the elusive world.

The journey from Kenya to Europe was full of trials and tribulations. The only thing that kept me going was the dream of a better future, and the aspiration that I would get to live my life in full freedom.

My name is Efrem Kidane. I am from Eritrea. It is a very small country in East Africa, but it’s bigger than Malta.

Growing up in Tunisia I had always a mixed feeling, like everyone in the world. I was surrounded by friends and family, even spoiled sometimes - not all the time.

Mr. J.A. is 78 years old and was born in today's Israel, into a wealthy family. His parents had 3 more children and worked as doctors in a hospital in Jerusalem.

Mr. I. K. was born in Syria, in Damascus. He lived in Syria, until he was 20, when he came to study in Romania. Mr. K comes from a large family.

R.C. is a Moldovan citizen, born in the Republic of Moldova in October 1973. She is married to C.C., a Romanian citizen, since 1999.

T.L. is a third-country resident, a long-term resident of the Philippines.

W.A. is 55 years old and originally from Iraq. She now resides in Argeș, in the village of Budeasa.

R.M. is 35 years old and is from the Republic of Cameroon, Douala. She now lives in Vâlcea and she came to Romania to study.

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