I am from Kosovo, my name is Senadin and I have been living in the province of Siena since 2017. Before that, for two years I used to come to Italy only for short periods.

I used to go to Naples for seasonal jobs in agriculture with a group of three or four people from my own country.

We worked all day and slept in a room provided by our boss.

My sister lives near the port, in a town on the coast of Tuscany. I lived with her before moving here. I worked a lot in construction.

I have always loved being surrounded by nature; I grew up in a small rural village and working in the construction site was really hard for me.

One day, a guy I met at work told me that one of our compatriots was leaving his job as a gardener in a large property of an elderly couple in a small village near Siena.

I got their phone number and after two days I met the couple at their house. I did not even know where it was. After taking a train, two buses and walking three kilometers, I finally arrived.

I arrived at a wonderful place and since then I became a gardener.

In the meantime, I studied, I learned new techniques and discovered an infinite number of animals and plants. I would like to keep sowing and cultivating!


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