My name is Fabian and I am Albanian. As soon as I turned 14, I decided to leave my country

I understood that I could not get anywhere in my country even if I had studied at university. The Albanian degree is not recognized in any other country and you have to pay 5000 euros to get a job for 400 euros a month.

I decided to study in a foreign country and I chose Italy because I liked it.

I heard that a lot of young people had come here before.

I did not speak Italian, but Italian culture is widespread in Albania due to all the immigrants who came and went back.

My parents did not agree because I was too young according to them but I managed to convince them.

I came here, I joined a community where I met new people, Italian and foreigners, and day by day I learnt Italian.

Two months later I entered school, in the eighth grade, where I started studying and making new friends, even if at first it was not easy due to the poor Italian I spoke.

Months went by and I began to stand out and my Italian improved.

One day I realized that school was almost over and it was time to choose what to study next.

After a few weeks I enrolled in three business schools, because I did not know where I would have been accepted.

The educators and the social worker disagreed with my choice because, in their opinion, that school was too challenging and it would not lead me anywhere.

They suggested me a trade school, but I did not like the idea.

Once I passed the exam with good grades and I graduated from secondary school, I enrolled in an administration, finance and marketing high school.

Three years have passed, I have good grades at school and my teachers think I could go to university.

I would love it. It is my dream.

I will soon turn 18 and my project in the community will only carry on if the juvenile court judge decides to give me the administrative extension to let me stay in the host structure and continue my studies.

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