My name is Badreddin and I am from Sudan. I have been in Italy for 9 months.

I came here because I faced so many difficulties in Sudan since I was a child.

My father worked in the army and he had troubles with politicians. They burnt down my city and my house, and my family and I fled into a wood. Later we moved to another city but terrorists did not leave us in peace. There was a war against us. In Sudan I didn't feel like a human being. I could not go to school and I did not feel free to live. I could not stand it anymore and I moved to Libya where the problems increased. Sometimes I suffered from blurred vision or I used to see double or triple because of my rage: all the people I knew died in war and only my parents and my two brothers survived, living in a tent with nothing left and running away all the time.

I arrived in Italy from Libya and here I finally felt a human being but I still regret my lost childhood. In Italy I met new people who helped me and I finally started going to school. The advice I can give you is something my mother used to tell me: “Be kind and respect everyone, whether old or young, black or white, male or female, of any culture and religion. Stay away from troublemakers and do not be one of them!”.

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